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7 Obstacles to Sales Closing

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Attempt after attempt!! Then sales get closed. Sales closing is supposed to happen only when actual sales happen. This blog lists the most common seven challenges every salesperson faces while sales closing.

1. No Connection To The Buyer

Connection starts up even before communication starts up with the buyer. Learning the art of rapport building helps you very well in connection with your customer. If you fail to connect with your customer at first glance, your customer is just talking to you, not exactly listening to you. And what? If your customer is not in listening mode, trust me, then there will never be any transaction mode.

2. Always On What

Mostly, the salesperson’s journey starts with what and ends up with no sales closing. The salesperson rattles out most of their time describing what the product is and its features. But they forget to make customers understand what the product is for them and why and how it will benefit them.

3. The Art Of Attracting Customers

When a customer is trying to sell a product, is that the art of attracting or fulfilling a customer’s need?

I think this product can save you up to 25% on your OTT account.

Let me tell you what this is, and what it will save in general. Then more blah, blah, blah!!

Always attract your customers! Create a point where your customer stops and thinks. Let him think about that point more before taking them to their next benefit.

4. Always Be Ready For The Closing Sale

There is no such thing as the right time for sales closing. Trust me, each time now and tomorrow, it’s a good time to close the sale. Never wait to get buying signal After explaining a product to a customer with an attractive and soft tone, ask a very soft closing question like, “Are we ready to start this amazing OTT platform journey to enjoy every weekend in the comfort of your corner?” Can we leave it for now?

Sometimes it may be a quick yes, sometimes a customer may dilly dally and say yes after 3-4 parts.

5. The Closing Script

Chances are they are there to fail if you ask your customer directly. Do you want to buy this now or later?

You can go for scripts like

If you wish to get an appreciation in the product price, it’s the right time to invest.

Would you like to take this laptop with you to work at home, or should we make delivery to your doorstep today?

Do you want to invest because you can save up to 20%, or because it will help you save money on other expenses in the future?

6. The Attitude To Closing

I believe in your product. If you feel the product is expensive, not good enough, or anything else, you will never end up with the closing of a sale. Clear your head and believe in your product once you leave for the field or call.

7. Keep Your Follow-up Loop Very Strong

How much follow-up do you do in general? Customers start considering you after you make yourself visible to them. Many salespersons stop after 3 follow-ups, but as per the study minimum, follow-up is 5 times after that customer starts considering.


No one is born with internal knowledge of sales closing. It just comes with the on-field experience. Sales closing is a skill that can be learned quickly with daily practice and effort. The sales market is vast, it not easy to cross every challenge quickly but with time you can learn it.

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