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How HR can Support the Sales Team 

2 min

Sales may find that HR is their best ally. Recruitment, training, and pay are crucial HR tasks that all contribute to an organization’s ability to increase sales. 


Sales vs. Marketing vs. Business Development 

2 min

Marketing is frequently used interchangeably with business development and sales in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors.


How AI is Changing Sales World

3 min

The sales industry has undergone a change thanks to artificial intelligence. In sales, artificial intelligence is proving to be very helpful in a critical field.


Writing A Sales Proposal Like a Pro 

2 min

Closing a sales deal is not an easy thing, and sales prose plays a key role when it comes to closing a winning deal.

TSM - Blog-Sales tool you must know in 2022 copy

Sales tool you must know in 2022 

2 min

Salespeople that use technology do better than their competitors. We will present you with the few sales software categories that you should be most familiar with in this article .


Sales Call Planning to win your next call 

2 min

This blog explains the best plan that increases the chance of building that relationship that takes you towards building success.