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The Future of Media With Extended Reality

We all know today that XR’s biggest marketing promise is its capacity to provide experiences that foster emotional bonds and … 15

Top Robotic Innovations

Here are some of the most recent developments in robotics and the justifications why expert mechatronic engineers ought to assist in maintaining and repairing all these fantastic new robots.  49

Digital Transformation for The Digital Generation

The "working environment invasion" of Generation Z was predicted to make remote work one of the most popular trends in the future; nevertheless, the pandemic accelerated this transformation for all generations. 55

The Four Principles of Good Sales Management Leadership

As a sales manager, your actions and philosophies will set an example for your staff, particularly for new employees. Consider adopting the following four ideas as a starting point for your management style as part of your leadership 75

How Sales Can Benefit from Project Management Concepts  

Planning and executing sales processes well requires careful consideration. To make their organization more competitive, sales professionals can combine tried-and-true sales theories with project management's control. 74

Building Relationships in Today’s Sales Environment

The question with today’s buyers is, “do they even want to interact with a sales rep?”

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