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Selling to an Executive? Follow Quick Steps to Win Their Trust

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Almost all the sales reps have tried to sell to an executive- say a CTO or Head of Sales. Many times it can be a high stake conversation but it can be converted to a big deal.  

But, many times it doesn’t go well.

Also, most of the commercial enterprise’s clients will now not buy from you instantly. You can’t introduce a person to your services or products as soon as you meet them. First of all, you need to make them relax and then you can go further. 

Regrettably, no one is following this while selling anything.

Another reason why many sales reps fail to make sales? It is because they will get nervous, lose control of the meeting, and the executive doesn’t see them as real partners.

But, it shouldn’t happen to you.

How will you crack a sale while dealing with an executive and close that huge deal easily? It begins with making early preparations.

But, there are also things you have to do whilst simply meeting with the executive to earn their trust and you can achieve it by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Start With the Brief

Before commencing, you need to make some small communication with the executive to start the meeting to make them feel comfortable with the environment. 

You must do a little research into the person to discover a commonplace hobby, and mention that – a good way to make the executive instinctively like you.

Step 2: Be on Right and Equal Spot 

Your literal seat on the desk matters with all people, particularly to an executive. You want one that puts you on the same level as them, as opposed to being inferior to them.

Empower yourself as well with that seat choice. Also, be sure to make proper eye contact with the executive and that you’re in a position where you feel comfortable.

Step 3: Consider What You Place in Front

When you first sit down for the meeting, reflect on what you have put in front. When first sitting down, simply sit down, with nothing in front of you. 

Your activity is to stumble upon as a peer, now not as a subordinate. Don’t start putting a laptop in front of you. If you have to present a presentation, keep backup ready. That’s great. But don’t start that way.

Step 4: Don’t Apologize for Being There

There’s a tendency in sales reps while selling anything to an executive to apologize for being there by saying, “Thanks for your time, I understand how busy you’re”. 

They shouldn’t act like this. 

When you are saying this it asserts that you weren’t busy, your time is not precious but the client’s time is. That is completely unnecessary. You’re an expert, and they require your knowledge, and you’re an expert in what you do.

Step 5: Hold the Meet as a Healthy Communication, Not Presentation

Rather than considering the meeting as a pitch to the executives, take it as a healthy conversation. Salespeople people get nervous and pitch executives, they get nervous and treat them differently, which harms their position.

It’s okay to be nervous. But you may overcome that by way of the steps listed in this post. 

Doing so will win you the honor of the executive and increase your possibilities to crack that big deal. 

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