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Change Management Hacks for Sales and Marketing Alignment That Lasts

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Methods to establish enduring sales and marketing alignment. 

1. Frequently and effectively communicate the change’s vision  

The language and vision must originate from the top and be communicated by leadership at every level for any change, but especially for a cross-organizational transformation like ABM. This indicates that the CRO and CMO are promoting ABM as a new method of functioning. Maintaining that leadership participation is something that is sometimes forgotten while implementing a change.

Your executive team’s announcement is not a one-time thing. Instead, the implementation of ABM should be integrated into the structure of your company, and leaders at all levels should seize every chance to reiterate the motivations and objectives behind the change. 

2. Establish sales cohorts to study and implement ABM jointly 

It can be frustrating, appear futile, or just feel lonely to try a new change on your own. Any minor setback can cause you to hastily return to your tried-and-true strategies. On the other hand, starting a new process as a group may be extremely inspiring and powerful. You not only get the feeling that “we’re all in this together,” but you also get the opportunity to learn from the accomplishments and failures of others.

We group sales professionals into cohorts and provide them with targeted support when they start using the new ABM approach in order to capitalize on the power of the community. When you can establish cohorts based in offices, this strategy performs well. 

3. Establish and share precise ABM adoption data

Think about the accountability system that will be used to hold team members to the change. If your measurements are too high-level, you can anticipate cooperation on the surface—and a nearly immediate drop-off once objectives are achieved. The greatest metrics are those that will aid sales representatives in forming new routines essential to ABM.

For example, frequently logging into new technologies; developing and discussing action plans based on intent data with managers or the ABM strategy team; tracking appointments and interactions from target accounts. Whenever possible, link metrics to other organizational levers, such as bonuses. 

4. Avoid considering the process of aligning sales and marketing as “training”  

Sales reps need continuing coaching and assistance to become proficient at analyzing and acting on intent data. Maintain office hours and 1:1 outreach based on metrics after the initial six-week period. We advise sales cohorts to meet no less frequently than once per week for a period of six weeks. 

5. Gamify it 

Make challenges available each week to boost participation. Display the best individuals or teams on a leaderboard. Give shoutouts to little victories and achievements during meetings, in emails, or on Slack channels. Once you have these, it will be much simpler to persuade anyone who is still opposed to ABM to join. 

6. Success Stories 

ABM can be particularly effective at overcoming mistrust and inspiring people to give their utmost after a few major victories. Use weekly shoutouts on sales calls, newsletters, training sessions, and rewards to highlight accomplishments and sales tales. Invite top performers to share often during cohort meetings by identifying them. 

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