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How to Use AI to Boost Marketing

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Today’s marketers are all looking for new ways to find and attract their ideal audience. But in the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, it’s getting harder and harder to reach your people and get results.

Enter AI in marketing

In the past few years, though, AI has paved its way deeper into marketing, helping brands to enhance every step of the customer journey. Moreover, tools previously available to enterprise-level companies have become affordable and accessible to medium- and small-sized businesses. 

Marketing takes a ton of effort: planning campaigns, launching them, measuring them, and making small tweaks.

AI can automate many of these tasks, improve performance and let you get back to work on other important things, like satisfying clients. Want to know how? Here are some ways you can begin using AI-based marketing software for your organization’s marketing today. 

The framework

Marketing AI can be categorized according to two dimensions: intelligence level and whether it’s stand-alone or part of a broader platform. Some technologies, such as chatbots or recommendation engines, can fall into any of the categories; it’s how they’re implemented within a specific application that determines their classification. 

AI and smart segmentation to identify the target group

Target group segmentation is an important part of all marketing activities. It is difficult to convince the consumer if you do not know who you want to convince at all.

Today, AI and Predictive Analytics allow marketers to accurately identify the best target group. The process is faster and more accurate. It can also help identify new segments of this group that are characterized by the same attributes. This approach allows customers to present a more individualized offer to customers, thereby creating a unique, personal bond that would be difficult to achieve without AI. 

Campaign monitoring

According to a HubSpot study, marketers spend around 16 hours per week on routine tasks. That’s nearly half of a full workweek. What’s a marketer to do? Take advantage of AI.

Integrate the AI software of your choice into your marketing and advertising campaigns so it learns average behavior. This is as easy as connecting Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and other channels.

You then operate as usual until you see a spike in data or unusual activity. These can be both positive or negative: ads driving more revenue than forecasted or declining click-through rates, for instance.

Investigate each case from the top-down, meaning that you prioritize the biggest spikes in data first. Then, notify the appropriate team, such as analytics, sales, etc.

Sales forecasting

While looking into the future to see how campaigns perform seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, it’s available right now. AI marketing software has the ability to use predictive analytics to forecast sales. This allows teams to work as usual while getting a glimpse of what their activities will return to them. This also prevents spending weeks to months on something before you determine that it is (or isn’t) worth scaling.


If you’re a marketer, you know the amount of effort put into creating, measuring, and growing campaigns can seem if it’s the size of Mount Everest. It doesn’t have to be that way.

AI can take away a lot of the daily pains that we face as marketers. And following best practices, such as feeding your software as much data as possible and integrating it into all of your advertising campaigns, can help you get the most out of your AI tools.

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