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Writing a Sales Proposal like a Pro 

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Closing a sales deal is not an easy thing, and sales pros plays a key role when it comes to closing a winning deal. Yet many organizations do not consider it important when drafting sales proposals and tend to lose many opportunities as a result. 

No matter what type of sale you are in, apply the following sales strategies and elevate your sales game. 

Brief and specific 

No one has a lot of time to sit and go through the long copies of the sales proposal. It is a scientifically proven way of paying attention for a short span of time. So, grab their attention span with your proposal and make it short and to the point. 

The length of a typical proposal starts from a minimum of 8 pages to a maximum of 20 pages, but not every deal needs it that long. A page or two is enough. The appropriate length of a proposal is entirely dependent on the business, client, and offer. 

The best you can do is make every word count and every sentence has meaning. Then trim and finish the leaves, and you will have a strong and attractive proposal to present. 

Customize template 

Templates can be your savior. Copy-pasting the content every time will not work for every client. Everything is about your prospect, so design it carefully. Customize the prospect according to your client. Focus on the pain points. Show them you understand and value their pain points like no one else. The better and more customized you make your template, the more you connect with clients through sales proposals. 

Keep your focus on solving problems  

If your proposition does not demonstrate how your product/service solves the client’s problem, a list of features and benefits will not suffice. Keep in mind that selling is not all about you, it is about them. 

Concentrate on writing and presenting content that explains how your product will solve their business problem and what benefits they will receive in the future. Take one extra step and see yourself through to closing an amazing deal. 

Give them options  

The traditional proposal made and used provides just one option. But don’t you do this? In closing, the best deal provides multiple solutions at different price levels. When clients get options, they tend to end up with a premium offer price, seeing the advantage at each level. There are also very few chances of a client going to your competitors since you have already given them options for solving the problem on their desk. Create a win-win scenario and leave no loopholes for clients to miss you. 

Go low to high  

Proposal writing isn’t easy, especially when it comes to highlighting budget.  One better way could be displaying the elements with low costs first, and then moving to the higher ones. 


Keep it simple. Our brain considers simple things more than complicated ones. Make the sales proposal look more familiar to the client. Try to make it easy for your clients when they are going through your sales presentation. 

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