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Transform Your B2B Journey with These Sales Tools

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You can transform your B2B sales and take your business to the next level. But do you know how?

Here is a list of sales tools and platforms to boost your experience this year. All of these systems, at their heart, provide scalability, enhanced efficiency and productivity, analytical capabilities, and, of course, higher conversions. 

HubSpot CRM

This tool offers exceptional customer experiences and unifies your whole business on a single platform that grows with you. You can design HubSpot to complement the way people see your company, thanks to its flexibility, customizability, and simple UI.  It boasts numerous integrations and powerful built-in tools including Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

The Sales Hub also offers live chat, account-based marketing (ABM), quote creation, and sales management playbooks.

For B2B sales teams, Gong is a powerful revenue-generating intelligence tool. Gong’s main goal is to help business owners close more transactions and convert more customers by offering an in-depth analysis of client interactions. Gong does this by collecting, recording, and transcribing all customer interactions, including emails, online conference calls, video chats, texts, and phone conversations.

AI can comprehend the context of these client interactions, allowing businesses to uncover patterns and trends in data, resulting in insights that can help enhance sales through a much better sales experience.

Furthermore, these insights enable sales teams to anticipate difficulties in the sales funnel, allowing them to make changes before the contract is lost. Customer retention and revenue increase as a result of this.


Walnut’s game-changing new platform enables sales teams to develop interactive product demos in an enclosed environment with minimal downtime, no loading difficulties, and the option to modify the presentation to focus on the particular wants/needs of the customer they’re working with. The Walnut platform is completely code-free. This implies that sales teams may reclaim complete control of their sales demonstrations, rather than depending on back-end personnel to help them prepare and sell. 


Qwilr is a mobile-friendly platform that lets B2B sales teams produce customized proposals, quotations, client updates, and other documents. When preparing proposals and bids, you may utilize a selection of pre-built templates and an easy-to-use document generator to avoid hiring a designer. Moreover, with this tool, you can provide interactive quotations to prospects so they may pick a package on their own time rather than having to go back and forth with a salesperson.

Furthermore, Qwilr’s statistics show you how prospects interact with your documents, such as when they see and accept them and how much time they spend in them.


DialPad is a cloud-based communication platform with features for calling, sales calling, conferencing, and contact center. Video conferencing and SMS are among the sales communication options. This will allow your entire team to rely on a single, shared platform for all interactions with prospects.

You can also keep track of call volume and emotion, as well as compile a list of “hits” from sales calls for your team to learn from and utilize for coaching.


LeadIQ is best for capturing and sequencing all contact information gathered from outbound prospecting. With this tool, you can first identify a target account and locate it on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then, narrow down your list of contacts. Furthermore, LeadIQ will research those contacts and save their information for you. is a completely configurable sales and project management solution that can help with all aspects of the sales process. This includes lead tracking, pipeline management, customer onboarding, and report production.

You may also construct a team knowledge base, which organizes critical subjects and information. Sales reps can be made aware of accessible groupings for the same. For example: customer service, financials, invoices, etc. Your knowledge base may house documents, training resources, sales enablement tools, and more.

Summing Up

Ask yourself which of these platforms will help you drive the most value to potential buyers. And which ones will land you the best chance at converting a lead. Choose what is right for you, your business, and your customers!

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