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The B2B Marathon: Keeping the Pace in Long Sales Cycles

The B2B Marathon Keeping the Pace in Long Sales Cycles
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Ah, the world of B2B sales. Unlike the snappy pick-up line that wins you a date, here, deals are marathons, not sprints. We’re talking complex solutions, multiple decision-makers, and sales cycles that can stretch longer than a tax return form (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration… but not by much).

The challenge? Keeping your prospect engaged and moving forward throughout this extended courtship. Let’s face it, in the face of endless emails and ever-shrinking attention spans, your deal can easily get lost in the shuffle.

How to keep pace in long sales cycles

Fear not, my fellow B2B warriors! Here are some battle-tested techniques to sustain momentum and ensure your sale crosses the finish line:

1. Be the Gandalf to their Frodo: Guide Them Through the Maze

Remember Frodo’s epic quest to destroy the One Ring? Yeah, your B2B buyer faces a similar journey, navigating internal approvals, budget battles, and stakeholder alignment. Become their trusted advisor, their Gandalf. Understand their specific challenges and tailor your approach accordingly. Provide valuable insights, industry benchmarks, and educational content that positions you as the guide they need to succeed.

2. Speak Their Language: Focus on Value, Not Just Features

It’s easy to get bogged down in product specs. But here’s the truth: your prospects don’t care about features, they care about outcomes. Translate your product’s capabilities into tangible benefits that address their specific pain points. Use data, case studies, and success stories to paint a picture of the positive impact your solution will have on their business.

3. The Art of the Follow-Up: Persistence Pays Off (But Don’t Be a Pest)

Let’s face it, sometimes a well-timed follow-up email feels like yelling into the void. But don’t give up! Strategic persistence is key. Develop a follow-up cadence that keeps you top-of-mind without coming across as pushy. Personalize your messages, reference previous conversations, and offer additional value-driven content. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the screeching wheel gets ignored.

Scenario: Imagine you haven’t heard back from a prospect after a great demo. Instead of bombarding them with emails, send a quick message referencing a relevant industry article you think they might find interesting. This keeps the conversation open without being overbearing.

4. Variety is the Spice of Sales: Mix Up Your Communication Channels

We all have email fatigue. Don’t rely solely on the inbox. Leverage the power of multi-channel communication. Schedule regular calls, send personalized video messages, or even (gasp!) pick up the phone for a friendly conversation.

Stat Alert! According to a study by RAIN Group, multi-channel outreach can increase contact rates by up to 300%.

5. Celebrate the Small Wins: Milestones Matter

The road to closing a B2B deal is paved with small victories. Acknowledge and celebrate these milestones with your prospect. Did they complete a product trial? Did they secure internal buy-in for the next stage? A quick email acknowledging these steps keeps them motivated and reinforces the value you’re bringing to the table.


Remember, B2B sales are a marathon, not a sprint. By employing these techniques, you can build momentum, keep your prospect engaged, and ultimately, secure the win!

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