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Sales Tools You Must Know This Year

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It’s difficult to succeed in sales in the twenty-first century. To be useful at every touchpoint, you not only need empathy, grit, and determination, but you also need to have a deep understanding of your current and potential clients. 

Salespeople that use technology do better than their competitors. We will present you with the few sales software categories that you should be most familiar with in this article.  

Salespeople use sales tools, which are digital tools, to make their jobs easier. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), prospecting, and data connectors and integrations are examples of sales tools. According to LinkedIn’s report, 94 percent of sales professionals claim that sales tools help them close more deals. 


As the name would imply, customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you manage the relationships with your customers. A CRM is typically a company’s first investment in sales technology.

The State of Sales report from LinkedIn found that 68% of respondents rated their CRM as “extremely important” for completing deals. Leaders in the CRM market include Pipedrive for small and medium-sized businesses and Salesforce for enterprises. 

Sales Intelligence 

Sales intelligence helps salespeople find, monitor, and understand information on prospects’ and existing clients’ daily business. Sales intelligence tools provide the contextual information surrounding these contacts, such as purchase history, current contracts, business objectives, and digital footprints. 

Sales Acceleration 

A strategy project called “sales acceleration” aims to increase sales dialogues, reduce the sales cycle, and/or increase transaction closing. Through the automation of administrative activities and the streamlining of sales procedures, sales acceleration software strives to accelerate sales.

Some even contend that the phrase “sales acceleration” should be used more broadly to refer to all the resources that B2B sales representatives can use to identify potential clients. With greater engagement and organization throughout the whole sales process, sales acceleration technology enables salespeople to increase both productivity and effectiveness. 

A Data Connector and Integration Tool 

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, and there are many wonderful technologies at our disposal that may make our lives easier. A data connector is a device that joins various systems together so that data can be accessed by a single system.

Tools for data integration are slightly different from other tools since they attempt to integrate data from several sources into a single system. A data connector is a device that connects several systems to enable data transfer. Data integration and connectors are useful in this situation. 

Sales Analytics 

Sales analytics are now a crucial component of every sales report in the era of big data. With the help of sales analytics software, sales managers may monitor, assess, and improve the success of their sales efforts.

These tools use algorithms based on current data to disclose insights, and they are typically built on top of CRMs. It can be difficult to choose the best sales analytics software because there are so many big providers in this market.

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