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Charge Up Your Sales Strategy with the Right Sales Tech

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Sales Tech is not new to this world, but it came into the spotlight after the pandemic as it shifted sales online and made remote selling a new normal. 

Data is behind all this super change. Sales technology enables instant connections with potential customers and provides insights for developing effective selling strategies. 

According to research, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Sales Insights are popular options for building online relationships with customers. 

This blog lists out the features that are a game changer for sales strategy with the right sales tech. 

Right Connections  

Mass outreach is no longer effective. Therefore, sales professionals should focus more on a targeted approach. One of the best features of sales technology is the Sales Navigator is one of the best examples, as it helps to find leads more efficiently. 

Another of the best tech tools is InMail, which gives you a direct platform to message your leads. 

Going forward, Sales Insights helps to choose which market and companies to target.  

Human Touch to Digital Touch  

Sales technology can also help professionals bring physical interaction techniques into digital space. A digital introduction is not easily understood by 90% of the C-suite, and as a result, they do not respond to sales messages. 

The Sales Navigator here helps you make a logical introduction. You will have notification of your lead activity. This will help you to have more individualized touch conversations with your leads. 

Joined-up Sales Approach  

Buyers or customers change their roles or jobs from time to time. This may cause a change or loss of lead. 

The Alerts feature on Sales Navigator will let you know when a lead moves to a new company, but that is not the only benefit. You can also link your Sales Navigator with your company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management), giving your entire team access to all the interactions and data on each connection. 

Sales Insights uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to turn a mountain of LinkedIn member network data into reliable insights about markets and greenspace. 

This frees up time for sales managers to work more closely with their teams on developing targeted sales strategies. 

Quality Data 

Tech alone cannot work without giving physical practice techniques an effort. Sales tech is already helping teams to find and connect with leads. But for a long-term relationship, it’s just not enough. Sales techniques must be paired with data and insights to achieve true sales success. 

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