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Buyer Engagement Tips for Virtual Sellers

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The time when a salesperson needed to spend hours in a boardroom and travel distances to persuade a customer has passed.

With your computer or smartphone, you can now reach millions of customers and close sales from anywhere, thanks to the development of remote and virtual selling technology!

Selling virtually or remotely is a great strategy to attract clients worldwide and boost sales. The pandemic has forced more people to adopt virtual selling, and the business world is embracing the change for good.

In fact, more than three-quarters of buyers now prefer remote human interactions over meeting in person.

What is virtual selling?

Doing sales activities online is referred to as “virtual selling” or “remote selling.” The sales team communicates with customers using video messaging.

Small and medium-sized businesses use virtual marketing as an effective sales strategy.

It is a straightforward strategy for consistently selling and earning higher commissions while remaining at home. You can market your goods and services internationally and reach a broader customer base.

Buyer engagement tips for virtual sellers

In the following lines, we are going to cover these aspects in their entirety and learn more about them.

1. Videos

Marketing using videos accelerates the conversion of leads into sales. That gives your potential customer room to talk and answer at their convenience.

2. Visual aids

Use the numerous possibilities available when using videos to give your sales pitch a competitive edge. In your video pitch, share your screen and display documents, infographics, and pictures.

3. Personalization

Before you record your video communications, analyze your core demographic. Provide a unique experience for your customers by personalizing your video.

4. Reach out proactively

Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with your customers and initiate a conversation. This will give you extra mileage over your competition.

5. Do not overdo it

Let your customers digest the information after sending them your customized video pitch. Give them time and space to react before bombarding them with emails.

6. Call to action

A call to action is an effective technique to prompt your customer to reply right away. With the help of video forms, personalize your videos by including calls to action.

7. Be planned

Maintain the interest of your customers while preparing a strategy. To ensure that your pitch video is flawless, prepare your content in advance.

8. Follow-up plan

With a customized video, thank your customers for their time and inform them of the various tools available to help with the buying process.

9. Feedback

To improve satisfaction, gather customer feedback at each level of the sales process. You can rapidly determine which sales tactics are most effective for each buyer using this data.

10. Incentives

To keep your top customers interested in your goods and services, provide them with an extended trial period or a discounted upgrade for annual plans over monthly plans.

It is a brand-new selling world. Winning businesses are training their sales staff to become experts in virtual sales, from the initial contact to client retention and renewal.

To survive in today’s dynamic corporate world, you/your company will need to start investing in virtual selling infrastructure. Gartner states that 61% CSOs are already investing in modern technology to prepare their salesforce for virtual sales. So, what are you waiting for? Start your virtual selling now.

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