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7 Must-Listen Podcasts for Every Sales Professional

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Podcasts are making waves in every industry. They pertain to a unique segment of information sharing where people can consume valuable content while being engaged in their busy lives. Podcasts can be entertaining, and informative, and have rewarding insights that can help you elevate success in your profession. And that goes for sales as well. 

Sales professionals like you need to be constantly motivated and podcasts can help in several ways. Listening to the right podcasts regularly can help drive sales growth. From a sales rep to CSO, there are podcasts about every level where you can find fresh ideas to achieve your distinguished goals. 

But like every industry, this area too is crowded with choices. There are hundreds of sales-based podcasts you can choose to listen to. To help you navigate the landscape, we at The Salesmark have assembled a list of podcasts that sales trainers and experts flock to very often. Listen to them and learn how to spice up your cold emails, presentations, or anything that your sales job requires you to do.

1. The Other Side of Sales 

Hosted by Ashleigh Early, this podcast brings you stories, insights, and the right resources of the B2B sales world. The channel showcases the expertise of underrepresented sales professionals and steps that can help create a culture where every sales professional thrives. 

2. The Sales Hacker

Before podcasting, The Sales Hacker has been there for quite some time as a blogging platform for the industry. The platform is atypical to sales and uses several mediums to stay vocal about its innovative selling techniques and practices. 

3. Blissful Prospecting

To change the way you look at prospecting, listen to Blissful Prospecting. Hosted by Jason Bay, or ‘JBAY’ (which he likes to call himself), the show is all about learning cutting-edge prospecting strategies and tactics to keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads.

4. Sales Enablement

Andy Paul is a star, and so are his guests. Join this star-studded experience where inspiring conversations take place between Andy and some of the most renowned names in the sales industry. 

5. The Salesman Podcast

Arguably, this is the channel where you will find “the world’s top sales training content.” The Salesman Podcast is one of the most recognized and successful sales-based podcasts in the industry right now. 

6. Sell or Die

It isn’t as negative as it sounds though. The art and science of science is well explained by a host duo, Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow. Each conversation in this renowned podcast involves lively discussion on topics like rejections, pitching, and the use of trending technologies in sales. 

7. The Ziglar Show

No sales or marketing event is ever complete without the mention of the name Zig Ziglar. This show continues the legacy of the person who is hailed as one of the world’s premier motivators and influencers.

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