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5 Onboarding Tools for Your Sales Team

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Do you recall your first position in field sales? Driving around in a neighborhood you’d never heard of, desperately looking for house numbers or company names? You most likely kept this feeling of confusion for a few weeks or perhaps months if your onboarding wasn’t effective. 

We know it typically takes a new sales hire 11.2 months to begin generating ROI. Starting a sales role is usually difficult and perplexing for your new salespeople, and it is often ineffective for the company. 

However, this does not imply that you should reject recent graduates and hires. After all, they may later prove to be priceless assets for the business, and new employees frequently bring fresh perspectives and vigor to a team. 

To shape them into your next star performer, you simply need to use the correct employee onboarding tool. Best practices for onboarding were covered in a recent blog post. These five tools now put those suggestions into practice. These tools will get you and your team up to speed (at least) half the time, whether you’re a dedicated training manager or a rep taking on a new responsibility. 

1. Google Sites 

You can create a free internal website using Google Sites. A virtual training platform streamlines onboarding and ensures that you don’t overwhelm a new hire with a lengthy email chain. Building your own training facility allows you to concentrate on more crucial responsibilities and start empowering new workers with the freedom and accountability to learn about your business, its procedures, and its products, as well as the vital paperwork, such as PTO requests and employment contracts. 

2. Trello 

Another tool for organizing onboarding materials is Trello. You can assign tasks, establish due dates and priorities, and hold team meetings with this tool. This online bulletin board can be used to inform newcomers about ongoing projects and organizational procedures. 

3. Slack 

Slack is simply a social media platform for businesses. It offers a simple interface that enables you to stay in touch with your team. It can be quite beneficial for new team members to get to know their new coworkers by using Slack to learn all the new names, team structures, and project channels. 

4. Badger 

The first few trips are significantly less intimidating for rookie reps when they can view their itinerary on an interactive map. A spreadsheet falls short when attempting to convey to new staff the realities of the field. By color-coding leads according to the customizable fields that a manager has chosen to include, reps can use Badger’s colorization and filters to reduce map noise and make it simple for leads’ key details to be remembered. 

5. Whatfix 

You may make interactive, real-time product tours using this technology. This can be helpful for instructing new hires on how to use their own goods (especially if they are software-based). 

Therefore, managers may simply send a link to the tutorial when onboarding a new rep as opposed to providing tutorials every time. This link can be found on a fantastic new Google site. 

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