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Make Remote B2B Sales Teams Succeed in the Post-COVID World

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For 60% of US organizations, half of their sales staff are now working remotely, according to a recent SalesRoads report. What are you doing to push your remote B2B sales teams to succeed?

Many organizations are still waiting for the pandemic to get over and go back to the previous normal. Even if tomorrow the vaccine cures everyone or the coronavirus dies out on its own, you never know when a similar type of virus breakout may occur again. 

A smart organization prepares for all types of foreseeable futures.

Remote work is the new norm and you must empower your sales team to achieve their one hundred percent, whether they are at office or working remotely. 

And, if you are still having doubts about performance while working remotely, learn this: A Stanford University research study found call center employees that were allowed to work from home helped them achieve 13% performance improvement. 

It’s time to think how you can make your remote B2B sales teams succeed in a post-COVID world. You can do that by taking the following points into consideration.

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Provide general infrastructure setup

Your sales teams will be striving to bring more and more clients to your company. Helping them with the basic office infrastructure will only aid in the process of bringing more customers. 

Help your remote B2B sales people not only build a comfortable home office, but a physical space where they will enjoy jumping into a call or presenting a product demo. 

Once set with the physical office, empower them with the necessary digital tools to conduct flawless communication. Modern sales requires modern technology that helps them accelerate selling and save time on administrative tasks. 

Encourage employee engagement

Employee engagement was the biggest challenge when remote work came into existence. However, video conferencing tools and HR geniuses came together to devise novel ways of employee engagement. This must continue in 2021.

As a sales leader, be proactive in ascertaining the well-being of your team member. You can either work with the HR to achieve that or reach out to the employees themselves. Figure out ways of engaging them in different ways and take the work pressure off their shoulders whenever you can.

Be a great, supportive manager

Not every employee gets recognized for her/his efforts. A lack of motivation and acknowledgement can make most of your employees feel invisible. 

This is your opportunity to shine out as a great manager and recognize them, more regularly than what you would do.

Re-work on new sales pitches

2020 was a disruptive year for everyone. Redirecting your sales pitches that are more relevant to the current scenario will help you create a better relationship with your customers. 

Stay more alert towards the feedback your salespeople are getting from their interactions. Comprehend their core challenges and offer high-value consultation service that will help your today’s customers more effectively.

Use remote-working tools

Although this was vaguely discussed in the first point itself, a secluded discussion is presented to enhance the criticality of the topic.

Invest in tools that will automate mundane tasks and set up clear pathways to achieve your sales goals. Remote-working tools also allow you to track work and performance metrics, thereby offering you a bigger picture of the work-getting-done. 

In summation, remote working is not easy. You need better tools, new strategies, and novel methods to help your B2B remote sales teams hit their targets successfully. Take these steps now to fulfill your remote sales endeavors.  

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