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Snapchat Sees Augmented Reality as the Future of Online Sales

Snapchat Sees Augmented Reality As the Future of Online Sales

Jacqueline Rutgers, Head of Marketing at Snap In., Told The Next Web that she sees AR (Augmented Reality) as the future of online sales. In addition, he accompanied his opinion with data from the Snapchat application. Apparently, more than 200 million people use Snapchat’s Augmented Reality functionality every day. Also, 94% of buyers who used AR to decide on a purchase would do so again in the future.

The best to sell

These were the statements from Rutgers:

Leading brands are already leaning toward AR to create brand awareness and introduce new products to customers, wherever they are, at scale with measurable results. Some of you may already be doing the same and doing extraordinary things with AR. But my hope is that soon, it won’t be just some of you, it will be all of you.

The marketing expert considers that using AR to “try on” a pair of shoes that interest you and show it to your friends is a very powerful sales tool. This tool could be even more powerful than the opinion of an influencer, especially if you can share “how you fit” the shoes on social networks.
As if that were not enough, the AR serves to lead the potential buyer to engage with the ad and the product, rather than eliminating or ignoring the advertising. So AR is presented as a perfect functionality for online sales of products that we traditionally buy in stores.

AR expert Ommy Akh also revealed on TNW that the pandemic has prompted many companies to try different things to sell. Due to limitations in movement, AR has proven to be very useful, so it is now an important tool and one that may become more important as its implementation improves.

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