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Sales Mastery, Announces YouTube Channel and Free Community Website

Sales Mastery, Announces YouTube Channel and Free Community Website

Sales Mastery today is launching their YouTube channel — Sales Mastery | Sales School 2.0. The channel contains video playlists for Sellers, First Line Sales Managers (FSLMs), general content for Sales Leaders, and briefings on AI-for-Sales Solutions.

Sales have always been a pressure to perform environment. This has been exacerbated by two converging forces, among others. First, with the wealth of product, user, and pricing information available via the Internet, buyers have gotten better at buying faster than sellers have gotten better at selling. Second, the Covid pandemic compounded selling challenges by dramatically changing how sellers interact with buyers.

“The need for resilience, grounding, and mentoring, especially for relatively new salespeople and FLSMs is higher today than ever,” said Barry Trailer, co-founder of Sales Mastery, LLC. “At the same time, companies are investing in new technologies and enablement initiatives, but these often focus on the latest ‘shiny object.’ We provide higher-level presentations on sales fundamentals.”

All of Sales Mastery’s content is supported by their longitudinal (20+ years) and ongoing research in B2B sales. As joint research partners with Korn Ferry, Sales Mastery continues to generate new content including their recently released 2021 Buyers Preferences Study. Co-founder, Jim Dickie, quotes the quality guru, Edwards Deming, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” Dickie goes on to say, “We ground our advisory services, content, and frameworks in current research data.”

He continued, “We outlined five questions B2B selling organizations should address, including whether or not they are showing up where their buyers are now, and the make-up of their sellers to be successful now and in the next couple years.” Those questions are answered in a series of Research Notes just now being published to our community of subscribers.

Beyond the research and digital content, Sales Mastery is conducting monthly LIVE sessions for Sellers and, separately, for FLSMs. These and the Sales Mastery website are the basis of the community they are building—all free of charge.

When asked why so much content and expertise was simply being given away, Barry Trailer quoted the old Mercedes Benz spokesperson, “Because some things in life are too important not to share.”

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