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Pacifica Enjoys Strong Fourth-Quarter Finish in the U.S.

Pacifica Enjoys Strong Fourth-Quarter Finish in the U.S.

The Windsor-built Pacifica enjoyed a record-breaking fourth-quarter sales increase of 32 percent compared to a year ago in the U.S.

According to sales results released Tuesday by Stellantis U.S., the company sold 38,821 minivans in the fourth quarter. The company sold 98,323 Pacificas in the U.S. in 2021 representing an increase of five percent.

Stellantis’s total American sales were down 18 percent in the quarter as the global shortage of semiconductor microchips continues to plague the auto industry. For the year, Stellantis’s overall U.S. sales are down two percent at 1,777,394 vehicles.

Stellantis’s Canadian sales figures will be released Wednesday.

The company will also be making a significant electric vehicle announcement Wednesday morning with the public presentation of the Airflow crossover at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new vehicle will be part of the Chrysler brand, which currently includes only the company’s Windsor-built minivan lineup and the Brampton-built Chrysler 300 sedan.

General Motors’ U.S. sales plunged 42.9 percent in the quarter and 12.9 percent for the year.

For the fourth quarter, all four of GM’s brands recorded declines with Buick down 34.8 percent, Cadillac 47.8 percent, Chevrolet 44.7 percent, and GMC 37.7 percent.

With sales of 2.2 million in the U.S. for 2021, GM lost its position as the top seller in the U.S. for the first time since 1931. Toyota had U.S. sales of 2.3 million vehicles to claim the pole position.

However, Toyota’s sales for December fell 30 percent.

The top seller last year for Toyota, which has plants in Woodstock and Cambridge, was the RAV4 despite a five percent decline in 2021. Toyota’s Woodstock plant is one of two production facilities in North America manufacturing the RAV4.

Ford Motor Company will announce its fourth-quarter results on Wednesday.

However, Ford confirmed Tuesday it will double annual production to 150,000 units of its new Ford Lightning electric pickup truck due to demand. It’s the second time the company has announced it was doubling Lightning production, which was originally supposed to be 40,000 vehicles annually to start.

Ford will begin taking orders for the Lightning on Thursday with deliveries scheduled for this spring.

The most inexpensive model will be the Lightning Pro with a base price of $39,974 US.

Despite its December U.S. sales falling 23 percent in the month, Honda enjoyed an increase of 8.9 percent overall for 2021.

Honda’s CR-V led all deliveries for the company rising 8.3 percent in 2021 and was joined by the Civic and the Ridgeline pickup as the top sales gainers. The CR-V and Civic are among the products built at Honda’s two Ontario plants in Alliston.

The Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia both endured slumps in December of 23 and 9.8 percent respectively.

However, the duo enjoyed a solid 2021 with Hyundai’s annual U.S. sales rising 19 percent and Kia’s 20 percent.

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