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Floatbot Partners with BridgeNet

Floatbot Partners with BridgeNet

BridgeNet and Floatbot have entered into a partnership that will give independent insurance agents powerful web-based tools that allow their clients to shop for insurance policies through a tailored online experience. Floatbot will employ BridgeNet’s proprietary APIs in conjunction with their industry-leading conversational AI platform to create customized insurance-buying experiences, making it easier for independent insurance agents to provide quotes and sell insurance plans to more customers.

“We want to allow platforms who use our APIs to focus their energy on user experience without worrying about compliance, training sales staff, or dozens of carrier contracts.”

Floatbot’s capabilities include speech-to-text, text-to-speech, multilingual support, industry-specific models, Automatic Machine Detection, voice biometric authentication, and more with automatic responses that populate in under one second. Clients with active contact centers use Floatbot’s technologies to optimize their interactions, reducing costs up to 70%.

With BridgeNet’s APIs, Floatbot will be able to bring that same efficiency and convenience to the insurance buying process, delivering accurate quotes from BridgeNet’s network of insurance carriers.

“We are thrilled to work with the BridgeNet team and their technology. It has allowed us to deploy in a fraction of the time it would have taken if we had to build it ourselves. The combination of Bridgenet and Floatbot offers the Insurance marketplace an end-to-end set of capabilities that can deliver exceptional user experiences based on deep-tech no code voice and chatbots.” Jimmy Padia, Chief Executive Officer, Floatbot

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