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Ending Addiction and Mental Illness Stigma Through Social Media

Ending Addiction and Mental Illness Stigma Through Social Media

There is a close link between addiction and mental illness. In fact, 50% of people struggling with mental illness turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the difficult-to-manage symptoms of undiagnosed or untreated conditions. Many people struggle with substance abuse and mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other conditions, concurrently. The most commonly abused substances include prescription drugs, street drugs, and alcohol.

Self-medicating with these substances provides temporary mood changes but causes long-term damage to an individual’s mental health status and quality of life. The stigma surrounding mental illness only adds to the shame that individuals who are struggling with drug addiction deal with daily.

It can be difficult to many people to admit that substance abuse and mental illness are prevalent issues in their lives. There is a stigma that mental illness and addiction equate to weakness. This is far from the truth. Overcoming mental illness and substance abuse issues requires courage, strength, and commitment.

“Our country faces very high rates of addiction and mental health disorders. Only one in ten Americans get addiction treatment, we want to make an impact on that statistic,” said Sherief Abu-Moustafa, Founder of FHE Health. “Addiction and mental illness are nothing to be ashamed of, seeking help and treatment are the steps in the right direction.”

The good news is that both substance abuse and mental illness are treatable conditions. There is hope. The first step to getting better is to break through the denial and seek treatment for both conditions.

Peer support is a crucial element in a successful recovery. This is the goal of FHE Health’s latest social media campaign, #NoMoreShame. FHE Health developed the campaign in an effort to break the stigma against mental illness and addiction.

Interested individuals can fill out a simple form on the campaign webpage at #NoMoreShame. FHE Health will gladly ship #NoMoreShame wristbands free of charge. Once received, FHE encourages the public to snap a photo wearing their wristband on social media.

FHE Health strongly believes that sharing stories of struggles helps to connect people with others dealing with the same issues. Breaking this stigma is the first step to empowering those struggling to reach out for help.

FHE Health reminds the public that every story matters and has the potential to inspire people who are struggling with drugs or alcohol to seek life-saving treatment. Individuals struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues are strongly encouraged to reach out to FHE Health directly for help via a confidential email.

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