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CallRevu Uses AI to Monetize Digital Marketing

CallRevu Uses AI to Monetize Digital Marketing

CallRevu, an industry leader in automotive call monitoring and analytics, enables OEMs, retail dealerships, and advertising agencies the ability to analyze and make strategic marketing decisions based on the effectiveness and profitability of their marketing campaigns, multi-channel investments, and customer engagement using CallVision DNI™.

CallRevu’s CallVision DNI is the only automotive centric conversation intelligence solution that leverages machine-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology, inbound automotive call expert analysis, and Google Analytics to deliver comprehensive reporting that monetizes the customer car buying journey – both online and offline – from the moment they first become aware of the dealership to when they ultimately call, email or schedule an appointment. The platform captures, attributes, and provides a frictionless environment that integrates the digital and call flow to optimize marketing effectiveness and spending ensuring a measurable return on investment (ROI).

“NADA reports on average, dealers invest 64% of their advertising expenditures on digital marketing, thus making it essential for them to have quantifiable data that reports where and how customers are interacting with their marketing messages, which channels are driving the highest marketing qualified leads MQLs and converting into scheduled appointments and sales,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu. “Cablevision DNI captures the marketing breadcrumbs, from search engines, digital ads, website (form fills and chatbots), and email to provide a data-driven overview that highlights what triggered each customer to call and engage with the dealership to drive revenue.”

Cablevision DNI is customizable for dealers to leverage session-based call tracking, which applies a web cookie to a customer’s web browser when they click on an SEO link or paid search keyword and visit the dealership website. During their “session”, customers are offered a unique dynamic phone number local, and toll-free numbers that are associated with the keyword during their time on the site. When a buyer calls the number associated with their session, this information is tracked, measured, and reported within CallVision DNI’s reporting dashboard. Marketers can use this information to measure and quantify their marketing spending and gauge their ROI.

Cablevision DNI is integrated with Google Analytics and provides aggregated dashboard reporting that captures all marketing touchpoints, and session-based call tracking, including:

  • Digital marketing source
  • Number of calls received based on marketing source
  • Organic SEO analysis
  • The campaign, ad group, and keyword performance
  • Email campaign effectiveness
  • Social media campaigns
  • Call conversion purification – track the quality of calls by the department and determine an appointment scheduled by the department
  • Length and quality of calls

“Cablevision DNI not only helps marketers drill down on the conversion and quality of their digital marketing efforts, but it also enables them to customize the customer experience in real-time,” said Giagnacovo. “Cablevision DNI leverages the power of call treatments which allow the customization of whispers, IVRs, and even texts specific to the source which directed a customer to a dealers website.”

Cablevision DNI is a strategic marketing platform that measures the impact of all of a company’s marketing efforts. CallRevu lets marketers clearly demonstrate how they are impacting the company’s commercial success.

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