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What Will Be the Key for B2B Sales Leaders in 2022 – Forrester Insights

‘Sales’ has never been the same. Historically, it was something. Today it’s different. And tomorrow, you’d be seeing a completely new form of selling. Before the pandemic, the biggest and best business deals were made in person. When the pandemic emerged, sales leaders adapted into the new virtual environment to sell. Now, as they look into the future, they know things will be different again in the post-pandemic era.

For the future, sales leaders of today know one thing for sure – “they must learn to transform and quickly embrace the new normal.” 

Today’s sales organizations have vast amounts of data, which can be used to understand the increasingly complex trends of B2B purchasing. The use of insights can help sales leaders succeed in 2022 and navigate further. 

B2B sales leaders must understand and explore the crucial concepts to better position themselves in 2022. To help them do that, this blog explores insights from a Forrester podcast, “Transformation, Not Adaptation, Will Be Key For B2B Sales Leaders In 2022.” Let’s explore the key highlights from the podcast.

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How to plan your selling 

More and more sales leaders are discussing questions like, “what are the right elements of data, what insights should I be evaluating to make the right decisions, which accounts are in the market and which are not, what’s the win-rate, how are reps being successful.”

To help answer these questions, sales leaders are leveraging their sales operations teams, marketing operations teams, and recently, revenue operations teams and bringing data together to create insights that will help them market to their buyers better.

Alignment between different sales channels 

Today’s customers want the same experience, regardless of the channels they use. Therefore, you must ensure there is an alignment between all the different sales channels, both direct and indirect ecommerce. 

Adapting B2C behavior for B2B

B2B sales leaders in 2022 will be required to bring the business-to-consumer (B2C) experience to business-to-business (B2B). Like regular consumers, today’s B2B customers are demanding an omnichannel experience, which may need web, mobile, and telephone to be integrated. 

How to get the right stuff into the right hands

Sales leaders need to look closer at data and leverage sales enablement to identify the needs of sellers and what helps them become more successful. Stephanie Sissle, VP, Principal Analyst, adds, “Everybody in the organization is responsible for data. Yes, sales enablement and sales operations might provide, but even that rep at the territory level should be able to interpret that data so they understand what it means to them at their level.”

You can listen to the full episode here.

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