Know The Power Of Digital Marketing Automation In 2021

Know The Power Of Digital Marketing Automation In 2021

Know The Power Of Digital Marketing Automation In 2021

From saving time and energy to generating more revenue, the impact of sales and digital marketing automation combined goes beyond automating repetitive tasks.

Despite all the popularity and fan-following, marketing automation still faces criticism due to certain myths. Many business owners believe that automating email marketing efforts is only about sending mass emails and that these email campaigns will end up in the spam folder. 

In order to understand marketing automation clearly, it is important for you to know that almost every aspect of digital marketing can be automated. This includes:  

  • Social media 
  • Landing pages 
  • PPC 
  • Lead generation 

Digital marketing automation is not limited to email marketing alone. Moreover, your emails are not going to be marked as spam as long as you don’t buy email lists from some blackhat service provider and get caught in a honeypot. Just make sure that you are generating leads in a proper legitimate manner from your website visitors and marketing campaigns.

Now that we have seen what digital marketing automation is all about, let’s dive a little deeper into its power in generating revenue.

Time savings

Perhaps the pinnacle of technological advancement lies at the heart of marketing automation solutions. What once took days, now takes hours, and what once took hours, now takes minutes. The technological explosion of the last two decades resulted in less time needed for menial and redundant tasks. This left more time for marketers to do what they signed their offer letters for creative, strategic problem-solving. 

Efficient and effective marketing Campaigns

By automating their marketing campaigns, businesses can now more easily identify their web visitors. It allows them to turn unknown prospects into known leads. And once they know who they’re marketing to, they can segment these leads by behaviors, demographics, and other characteristics to create customized and automated lead nurturing campaigns. 

This way, marketers can stay top-of-mind with their consumers as they guide them along the customer journey with highly personalized messaging. 

Increase in revenue

When used correctly, marketing automation can and will help you see an increase in revenue. In fact, many B2B marketers with a successful lead-nurturing program reported an average 20% increase in sales opportunities.

Marketing automation features, such as list segmentation, can help you deliver quality, relevant content to your readers. This increases the likelihood of them moving through your funnel. 

Tangible, measurable results

What makes automation even more helpful is that they track these results for you. Meaning that you don’t have to use multiple tools and stress over information overload.

Less repetition, more creativity

When you replace manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns, you naturally free up your staff’s time to focus on more creative tasks.

While this has clear benefits of staff productivity and effectiveness, there’s a softer and less tangible benefit on creativity. Overall happiness comes from focusing your staff on varied creative work instead of mundane repetitive tasks.

Better reporting

Instead of creating a cool marketing concept and hoping that it catches on or reaches its audience, you can now track the success, reach, and engagement of your campaigns. Digital automation helps you see your results and allows you to better optimize your digital outreach. It uses more of what’s effective and driving better results.

Improved audience targeting

Targeting your audience with the right message is important. Digital Marketing automation offers you a way to do that more effectively. If you have a product that appeals to both CEOs and small business owners, you can create relevant messaging for each audience. You can target them appropriately through the digital channels that they are engaged in. 

Creates personalized experiences

Automation allows you to divide your audience into different segments. Then send the most relevant message to each of those segments. It allows you to use personalization on a larger scale in order to nurture leads.

The goal of any company is to turn leads into sales. One of the best ways to do that is by providing each lead with information relevant to their needs and interests. With automation software, you can spend less time analyzing your audience and its individual members. Spend more time writing and creating the content different groups within your audience need before they’ll be comfortable making a purchase.

Closing thought 

Overall, digital marketing automation can be a huge driver of engagement for businesses and allows for better time management and results-oriented, strategic thinking. If you’re looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy and increase your reach and relevant engagement, digital marketing automation is a way to solve many marketing problems and enable better business results.

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