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Why & How Zero Disruption Modernization

3 min

“Zero-disruption modernization” describes the process of modernizing a system or technology without causing any disruption to its operations. In recent …


5 Onboarding Tools for your Sales Team

Best practices for on-boarding were covered in a recent blog post. These five tools now put those suggestions into practice.

B2B Sales Skills Matter Most in 2022

B2B Sales Skills Matter Most in 2022

As a salesperson, you’re constantly under pressure. To reach your sales targets, you must keep up with ongoing changes in …

How To Use AI To Boost Marketing

How To Use AI To Boost Marketing

Start developing a strategy today to take advantage of AI’s current functionality and its likely future to boost marketing.


How Twitter Is Tackling Brand Safety

The social media environment can become a safer space for both brands and consumers when people feel secure and confident …


Impact Of Cashless Businesses On Retailers And Consumers

3 minutes

Payments using a card, app, or website are transparent, clean, and usually effortless. Since these modes of digital payment make it easier to send and receive money, they also contribute to an increase in economic activity and generate a wide array of financial and non-financial benefits.