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The Rediscovery Of QR Codes In A Contactless Revolution


QR codes are an important marketing tool in a contactless world. Yet, the true marketing potential of QR codes was not realized until very recently. 

Many customers would have found it difficult to use QR codes when it was necessary to use a separate QR scanner application to read a code. 

Going contactless with the QR code

Fast forward to 2021 and a post-COVID-19 pandemic age. In today’s post-COVID-19 era of customer engagement, QR codes are being rediscovered with renewed interest. 

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic sparked in the world’s population, a fear of physical contact. Yes, the digital revolution in finance was already booming and contactless payments were fast becoming popular. Now, it was time for a revolution in marketing.

QR codes introduced the contactless trend in digital marketing. With social distancing and no-contact delivery becoming a prevalent trend, customers began to look at QR codes – those pixelated monochrome boxes – in a new light. 

QR codes became more widely adopted, as retail outlets and restaurants began to embrace contactless checkout and payment options. Touch-free became the modus operandi and key to post-pandemic survival and, ultimately success. 

To pay for purchases, customers only had to point mobile devices and scan QR codes to enable or authenticate payments. In restaurants, QR codes could be used to access the food menu, enabling customers to choose their food and place orders without physically handling a printed menu. 

Growth of contactless technology

The pandemic rapidly accelerated the growth of contactless technology to be used across various industries. 

The global contactless payments technology market is expected to reach almost $4.7 trillion by 2027. QR codes are successfully being leveraged as a go-to solution that can bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. 

Now, QR codes can be effortlessly scanned and read using a smartphone camera, effectively eliminating the need for a dedicated QR code scanner app.

Risks of QR codes

The security of QR code-based payments is a key issue. Companies that adopt QR codes to enable contactless payments must ensure their QR technology is robust enough to protect a customer’s payment information. 

This is necessary as the pandemic has resulted in an alarming rise in cyber attacks. Hackers are taking advantage of the increase in QR code use. This is why it is very important to be vigilant while making mobile-based transactions. You must keep an eye out for suspicious URLs that can lead to data theft. 

How marketers can benefit from QR codes

Several retailers use QR codes to give customers access to special sales, contests, and engaging content. Brands can boost customer engagement through QR codes.

Popular stores such as Walmart and Target were among the early adopters of QR codes in cashless payment systems. They rightly understood the elimination of physical money would appeal to the younger demographic among their customer base. 

Ultimately, QR codes simplify the customer journey, while also making it rather interesting too. 

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