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Sales Training Quizzes to Ramp Up Your Team

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Sales Training Quizzes to Ramp Up Your Team

As a sales manager, you need to know where your team excels and where they lack expertise if you’re going to train them correctly.

This is where sales training quizzes come in handy—they’re a simple (and fun!) way to test your reps’ knowledge, see where they stand, and train them accordingly.

When you give your reps a sales quiz to complete, you can:

  • Learn about their strengths
  • See areas where they need to improve
  • Reinforce previous training sessions
  • Give reps self-awareness of the skills they need to build

All of this is an essential part of your own sales training program and works as a support system for your efforts. 

What skills do salespeople need?

Sales is about relationship building.

Good salespeople tend to be those who can create trust and rapport with their customers. As a result, salespeople tend to be confident and outgoing.

Sales is also all about teamwork. You’ll need to be happy working closely with other salespeople; knowing when to support each other, and when to step back and let someone else take on a sale.

There are a lot of other skills you’ll be expected to have. For example, your ability to negotiate and be persistent, being polite, and how well you can flex your approach if things aren’t going your way. Having strong knowledge of what you’re selling also helps to elevate your expertise and build trust with your customer base.

Wondering where to find good sales quizzes for your team? 

Here are some sales quizzes you can start with:

1. SkillGauge®

Set up as part of the Richardson sales training program, this assessment suite is built to test the skills of individual reps and managers. Based on behavior sales skills, these assessments have the goal of building self-awareness in your team and help develop a better plan for sales training.

2. Action Selling Skills Assessment

Based on the sales training program provided by Action Selling, this quiz will give you insight into what your team’s current skills are and where they need to improve. The sales quiz assesses how well reps have responded to training, as well as how they’ve been able to apply that knowledge.

3. Sales Capacity Assessment

This sales assessment focuses on 18 critical skills where your reps should excel. You’ll see how competent your reps are in each of these areas, along with a development plan and questions to help improve each individual’s skills. 

4. DISC Assessment

The DISC model is a communication baseline developed from the work of Carl Jung and William Marston. This assessment uses the DISC model to see how individuals prefer to communicate, and the results can help your reps be more aware of how they communicate with each other and with their prospects. These insights can then help you train reps to communicate more effectively.

5. Sales Motivation and Resilience Quiz

This quiz focuses on how your reps cope with the pressure that comes with sales. How are they dealing with stress? How resilient are they when they face setbacks? Are they motivated enough to overcome challenges? This quiz can help sales managers assess the stress levels of their reps and help build motivation and resilience in their team.

BONUS: HubSpot’s What Type of Salesperson Are You?

A selling style is an archetype that describes the general nature of how a sales rep sells and conducts themselves professionally. Learn about those four main categories, and take a quiz that can tell you which one fits you best. Here are the four primary selling styles that most sales reps fall into.

  1. Repairperson
  2. Shopkeeper
  3. Hunter
  4. Farmer

Take this quiz to find your selling style.

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