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Make These 5 Improvements to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales Instantly

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Ecommerce sales is an interesting game. When you play it with your competitors, it doesn’t matter who is winning. What really matters is, “are you playing it correctly?” If you have an online store, this blog explores some unique improvements that will help increase your overall sales, besides how you have been doing already. 

We will look at actions that you can easily add to your ecommerce website. 

These suggestions, however, work only for ecommerce sites. If you have a physical store and not an ecommerce counterpart of it already, you must start thinking about having one. 

By the end of this blog, you will learn ways that will add at least 10% extra sales to your bank on a monthly basis. 

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5 tips to grow ecommerce sales instantly

Improvement #1: Improve security at checkout

More online shoppers love buying from sites like Amazon and eBay because of their right checkout experience. 37% of online shoppers trust big ecommerce websites more than other independent retailers because of their reliability and single-step ordering. 

Fraud attempts on US-based large and mid-scale retailers increased from 43% to 48% in 2019, according to a study.

As a result, shoppers are more likely to trust your website when they think of investing their time and money if it is more secure. 

Improvement #2: Eliminate false declines of payment methods

It often happens that the payment gateway rejects the credit card or declines the payment method selected by the customer. At the time of purchase, if your customer is facing payment errors, they are more likely to abandon their current purchase. 

False payment declines like this can cost you a customer’s lifetime of loyalty. According to a study, 63% of customers move to new sites when they experience false declines. 35% will completely abandon the current purchase. Half of the customers will never return.

Preventing such errors in your final stages can improve customer experience by large margins. Eliminate such last-stage interruptions and your products will sell higher than your competitors’.

Improvement #3: Show scarcity of items

Your visitor will be more interested in products that get sold out more frequently or are available in fewer quantities. A study confirms that scarcity techniques can increase CTR by 14% and almost double your ecommerce sales. 

Improvement #4: Re-targeting at discounted prices

When a visitor browses your store and leaves after a while, it doesn’t mean you have lost them for good. Google and social media channels empower ecommerce stores to win back their bouncing visitors via retargeting. 

What you can do is spend some bucks on paid social media ads or search engine ads to show your products in their portals. When your visitors stumble upon the same product they were browsing a while ago in your store, they are more likely to proceed and click the link. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of making a purchase if the product is showing at a discounted price as compared to the last price seen by the customer. 

Improvement #5: Encourage product review 

A positively reviewed product has 50% higher probability of getting purchased than a product with zero or negative reviews. That line stands correct, even if the price of the reviewed product is higher than the one that has zero or negative reviews. 

Therefore, make sure you supply quality products. Even if you depend on various sellers and often lose track of every product sold, you can win the heart of dissatisfied customers with great customer support. 

Either way, keep your customers content so they never leave a negative feedback on your product page.

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