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Leveraging Positive Feedback to Drive Successful Sales

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Leveraging Positive Feedback to Drive Successful Sales

Your sales team holds tons of power over your company’s success. But what happens when the sales team isn’t working at peak performance? Even once you identify the rationale why your team isn’t reaching its goals, it’ll take quite a couple of encouraging words to turn things around. What your team needs are actionable insights that empower them to plan to make changes and follow through. Here’s what you would like to understand about giving actionable feedback.

Setting up a Positive Feedback Mechanism

This ensures that there’s a constant flow of information coming into the team. This flow means team members never settle for the status quo. Instead, they actively look for ways to improve and adjust their performance to make themselves more successful. Use monthly feedback sessions, weekly on-the-go sessions, or another approach to allow for feedback to be delivered, tracked, and revisited regularly.


Without a strategic approach to delivering and analyzing feedback, your team can’t learn and grow. Keep in mind that giving actionable feedback isn’t about ignoring negative feedback, just balancing it. Studies show that team members are 30x more likely to be actively engaged when their managers focus on their strengths. So instead of focusing on the negatives, find ways to turn them into positive opportunities to keep your team motivated and on task. 

Feedback Mechanism Offering Actionable Insights 

Your feedback mechanism is important in a way that it lays down your comments/ opinions verbally or in writing. Feedback can come from co-workers, other team members, upper management, leadership, or somewhere else. The feedback mechanism lays the foundation for how your team expects to get better at what they do.   

The feedback mechanism you design will help in:

  • Tracking milestones of team members, teams, and organization as a whole.
  • Device and implement strategies to help teams stay on track to achieve the desired milestones and short-term goals.

Two Feedback Tips For Driving Successful Sales 

1. Analyzing the win

At times, it can be difficult for sales reps to analyze the critical activities that led to winning the accounts. Hence, in the feedback session, the sales manager cannot only congratulate the sales rep for the achievement but also help the sales rep to better understand why they achieved the win in the first place. 

2. Leveraging the win

Helping salespeople to understand how what they did well in winning one account can be leveraged for handling difficult situations in other accounts. If someone is good at something, helping them to parlay that something in as many ways as possible is not only positive feedback, it’s smart business. In such cases, it is also possible for the sales manager to blueprint how the win was achieved into a set of best practices that can be shared with other members of the team.

Start Today

Feedback goes beyond just a few words of encouragement. It is highly impactful in terms of giving your sales team members regular, tailored, and actionable insights to help them reach their full potential and push them to achieve more. This mechanism is highly beneficial for entire teams, wherein members can take feedback, turn it into an action plan, and work on it until they see positive outcomes. This in turn will drive greater success for the whole organization. 

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