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5 Strategies to Boost Your Sales Team Efficiency

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Looking for ways to boost your sales team efficiency? Don’t worry! You aren’t alone. Sales leaders across are on a constant look out for strategies that can help them spike sales productivity and performance in this remote-work world. The logic is simple: more sales activity means more sales. And more sales means improved business growth.

Talking about growth, did you know that 66% of salespeople are not even reaching their quota (Hubspot survey.) This again boils down to one thing – it’s important to boost your sales team efficiency before it’s too late.

Thus, with so many hurdles blocking the efficiency of your sales team, there are action steps you can take to improve and spike your sales team productivity and performance. To help you, we have collated the best practices that sales leaders across are using to boost their sales team efficiency. Let’s look into each one of them. 

5 Tips to boost your sales team efficiency

1. Employ Sales tool

As shown by Spotio’s State of Field Sales report, the crux of rep productivity issues are due to your sales team spending too much time on manual tasks. Here’s a shocking piece of statistics from Hubspot – sales reps spend nearly 5.5 hours a week just entering contacts and activities into their CRM. Let’s face it! Sales teams today spend the major chunk of their time documenting stuff rather than what they are actually supposed to do. And that’s ‘selling’. So, here’s the bottom line – automate work that’s time-consuming and autonomous. And give your sales team enough time to prepare and strategize so that they can crack deals faster and bring in more revenue.

And how do you do that? Simple – invest in a sales engagement platform that is directed towards automating mundane, time-consuming, productivity killing, and low-value work. With many sales tools out there, select the one that best aligns with your organizational needs and optimizes your sales team workflow. To help you further, here are some key things to keep in mind while selecting a sales engagement software – look for the ones that can help you with data entry, logging visits, texts and emails and most importantly – one that can help plan your sales team’s day efficiently.

2. Measure sales activity

One mantra to success is measuring and tracking your progress from time to time. The same applies to sales. If you do not measure your sales team activity, how will you know where your sales team stands, what went wrong and what you should do next to improve and boost your sales team efficiency and performance?

Therefore, it’s crucial you start monitoring and measuring your sales team performance from time to time. Good news is there are many measuring and tracking tools available in the market that can help you track and broadcast your sales team’s activity in real-time. So, select a measuring tool that can help you visualize trends and offer all the valuable insights you need to boost your sales team efficiency and productivity.

3. Recognize and reward great performance

This is the most simple yet powerful strategy that any manager can employ. Yet, many of them fail to embrace this strategy. Remember, a work culture where good work is recognized and rewarded will automatically spike productivity, efficiency and fuel exceptional performance. 

Here’s a tip: Put the same amount of energy that you spend in pointing out and correcting team’s mistakes – in appreciating and rewarding good performance. 

Bottom line: celebrate even the minor wins and when things go wrong – help them see what went wrong and what should be done to rectify the same. 

4. Brainstorm effective sales strategies

The next important step in boosting your sales team efficiency is brainstorming new sales strategies. And also encouraging your sales team to come up with new sales ideas and tactics to optimize the entire sales operations process.

How will you know if a sales strategy works? Of course – you have to try them out. You can’t rely on one sales strategy always. Changing times demand changing sales strategies. It’s important you adapt to the changing work and market conditions. This is the key to success. 

Not just that, make a repository of all the practices, strategies and tactics that have worked so far and share them with your sales team. This will definitely have an exponential impact on your sales team activity and results.

5. Motivate and coach your sales army

The success of your sales team is directly proportional to the time you spend nurturing and developing them as professionals. So, it’s important you build a high-performing and growth-mindset culture from the start. Don’t wait till the point your sales team struggles. Start early and make a sincere effort to motivate your sales team to give their best shot at all times. Note, even the way you speak to your team and share information – says a lot about the way you motivate them and is a reflection of your company culture.

Remember, in their growth – lies your company growth! It’s as simple as that. Thus, it’s important you invest time in motivating and coaching each member of your sales team. There are many ways you can do this. You could set up a buddy system and even introduce a peer-to-peer coaching system. In other words, pair up your reps of various experience levels to help team members gain valuable perspective. By doing so, you are not only nurturing existing talents but will be creating new leaders who can move up the career ladder. 

Happy teams make a happy organization

Did you know? Happy and engaged employees are 31% more productive and have 37% higher sales numbers. What does this mean? Simple – a happy and motivated sales team means satisfied customers. And happy customers mean a better bottom line. We have gathered 5 best practices that sales leaders across are using to improve their sales team productivity and performance. Hope it helps!

Tell us what you do to boost your sales team efficiency by leaving us a comment in the below section.

Grow and help the people around you grow! 

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