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5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Sales Reps in 2021

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2020 has been the most challenging year for sales reps. With zero outdoor sales calls and no in-person meetings, sales leaders had to rethink novel ways of connecting with their leads. Hanging on with the uncertainty of 2020, you must be wondering about ways that will make your upcoming year a productive one. To help you out, here is a list of top 5 tech gadgets for sales reps. 

Adding these tech gadgets for sales reps will:

  • Make jobs easier
  • Remove unnecessary obstacles or mishaps from occurring
  • Keep you charged/motivated
  • Help you stand out in your profession
  • Boost productivity
  • Help you better manage your teams, clients, and yourself

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Add these 5 tech gadgets to your profile now

#5. Tablets

It all starts with great management and nothing but a tablet will make that job a remarkable one. A reasonable screen size offers you zero-limitation access to any kind of form, site, or file. You can easily use applications like DocuSign, Calendar, etc., to manage your work. 

If you are old-fashioned, buy one that comes with a stylus. Models like that offer a similar experience of writing in a paper planner. 

Alternatively, you can use applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams on it to seamlessly connect with your prospects, anytime and anywhere.

#4. Hotspot

If unreliable public WiFi connections aren’t something you can place your trust on, a hotspot device is just the thing made for you. 

Portable hotspots also offer the advantage of preventing the risk of incurring huge data bills. You can use any network that offers the best plans at the best rates. This feature gets more profitable if you are travelling a lot.

#3. Power bank

Note that we are not talking about power banks that will solely charge your mobiles. Look for charging devices that can also power your laptops and tablets. This will prevent you from breaking down during massive power outages or weekend travels. 

#2. Mug warmer

When you are staying alone and constantly on the phone, constant coffee-sipping wouldn’t be conducive to your behavior. Hence, by the time you are ready to take your next sip, the coffee gets cold. Well, not anymore.

Here is a device that will add more refreshment to your life and keep you active throughout the day. The best thing about a mug warmer is that it keeps your coffee/tea warm, at the ideal temperature, and small enough to fit anywhere.

#1. Smartwatch

Contrary to its low start, smartwatches have got popular recently. Today, Apple has many other competitors who offer the same device with various extraordinary features. But why is it helpful for a salesperson?

The answer is simple – it will make their life easier. As a salesperson, you need to be fast, and a multitasker. On one hand, you would take calls on the go, and you would respond to messages on the other. Now imagine doing all of that while you are trying to monitor your heart rate and calories lost during your daily workout session. This can be greatly accomplished with a smartwatch. Smartwatch is also the perfect invention to get your work-life-balance in order. 

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